Take child entrepreneurship to your classrooms!

BusinessKids is a children's entrepreneurial development program in which children awaken their entrepreneurial spirit through playful activities appropriate to their age.

We also have the BusinessTeens program for teenagers, in which they also learn entrepreneurship as a group value.

A program tailored to your needs.

Choose the one that fits your needs!

BusinessKids School program
40 to 80 hours
40 hours
Taught by
BusinessKids Expert Consultants
Teachers (Teacher's Guide)
By age range or grade level
By school grade
Activity book (textbook)
Academic Degrees
Pre-school to high school
Pre-school to high school
Final project
Market launch of each child's business
Market launch of each child's business
Yes, through businesskidsonline.com or your school's platform.
Available languages
Spanish, English, French
Spanish and English

Benefits of BusinessKids/BusinessTeens for students:

• They learn entrepreneurship.
• Perseverance and resilience.
• They develop their self-esteem, self-confidence, and work culture.
• They learn to love what they do.
• They value the work of their parents.
• Better understanding of the value and care of money.
• Stimulate a taste for mathematics by putting it to actual use.
• Stimulate values such as service to others, fair treatment of staff, teamwork, ecology, and social awareness.
• They develop their leadership skills.
• They become more assertive in dealing with and preventing bullying.
• They are personally and professionally fulfilled.
• They gain tools to be independent throughout their lives.

Benefits for the institution:

• Proven program and world leader
• To be an enterprising school and to train students who will be the driving force for change in their city.
• Opportunity to participate in international congresses.


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